by Antilles

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ice age records number fourteen

Repress of Antilles' 2008 four-song one-sided 12" EP. Smart, angry, jangly, dissonant, grindy...hardcore.


released January 18, 2012




ice age records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

smoke cops, kill weed

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Track Name: Histories
In hindsight we see a history that is crystal clear: erased of our wrongdoings, our misgivings, and everything sinister that we have done. In limbo we cling to histories in black and white. I think I may be speaking for myself when I say that no division is possible, that total unity is plausible. Do we live for it? Do we thrive on it? Or is this all in passing? Once again, we've landed ourselves in hot water amidst issues and issues.
Track Name: Of Conquest And Expansion
Of conquest and expansion I sit tight-lipped and edgy, rememering all of those who came before me that have walked the same lines as I. What are we doing? What are we? Is this really a solution? With golden eyes, we see an ever-fruitful destiny.
Track Name: Buying Into The Fallout
We are buying into the fallout as if to say, "Let's disabuse ourselves of any integrity of all." Yet I tried. I heard a sound, it sounded like something failing. What was that you said? I could not make it out...I had a dream seven miles high, and when I woke up I couldn't breathe. I heard a death rattle and it sounded like it was coming from you, coming from you. Let's tear all the lifelines out. Let's start all over again.
Track Name: Vanity
As if in a fever, I awoke to find strangers all around me. I had dreams, too. And then there was you. Always clinging to the last worn-out fuck. Asshole. I swallowed my pride, and this is all I am repaid. Your vanity is the end of the line. Is it by design that we should praise the faceless of yesteryear?

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