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Bright Young Things

by Boilerman

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I said, "This is supposed to be a fair fight." He said, "I've called in the fix." I asked, "How can you stand by while people get treated like this?" He casually responded, "It's all in the wrist. The trick is to convince them there's just one way of doing things, and that's this."
Creating targets. Make sure the battle lines are drawn. Pile up the garbage, until it's clear you're too far gone to stop and notice that there's no truth behind their words. Just spite and malice. Each night more hate to be conferred. Keep on smiling under the pretense that they care. Trudging forward on a bridge to nowhere.
Punching ballots hopefully. These days it's less than comforting. I can't believe that I got caught up in this front; this hype machine. Rallies, banners, slogans, signs. Still not changing any minds. At least not the ones that feed this monster all the bodies it requires. They've been at this since I was thirteen. Kept killing, now I'm twenty-two. Sometimes I feel there's not a single useful thing that I can do.
Ego of an aristocrat. So self-assured. You spoiled brat. To me it seems obscene. I just don't know how you live like that. You run up your tab so you've got some excuses to shrug off the blame as you hand out abuses to people that you think should cater to your wants, there simply for your uses. Ego of an aristocrat. So self-absorbed. You spoiled brat. Sense of entitlement. Indulge yourself and know you can't fall flat. Blacking out, having fun. Every time a different lucky one. Caught up in the web you've spun. Different morning, same old sun. Tear-stained pillow and you've run. What have you done? Bright young things circle like vultures. My stomach turns. Detest your culture. No control, a lack of care. No consequence, no cross to bear. On the town you take your pick. Bright young things you make me sick.


ice age records number eleven

Boilerman is a breath of fresh air in the today’s stale, and often safe, music scene. Led by front man and lead vocalist Jim 6, the Chicago based 3 piece band are bringing back the live show spectacle made famous by, among others, The New York Dolls, Alice Cooper and The Misfits. Nothing about this band is subtle, including Mr. 6’s over the top rock star persona, the garish Zombie like makeup the band prefers and their ghoulish stage props. With 6’s haunting vocals setting the tone, Boilerman’s sound in their earliest recordings such as “Stop Drop and Roll Won't Save You in Hell”, “Boo Radley Games“ and “Whipping Boys” shows an influence by such legendary bands as Generation X, The Damned and Lords of the New Church while more recent recordings such as “Houdini Shuffle,” “Locusts and Leeches”, “Bright Young Things” and even the ballad “Bridge to Nowhere” clearly demonstrates the band’s growth, both musically and lyrically, and how they measure up to their contemporaries. What makes Boilerman even more unique is how they also pay homage in their hooks and melodies to the anthemic rock popularized by bands such as Poison and KISS. Boilerman's energy is infectious and with an army of devoted fans and their debut 7" “Bright Young Things” set to be released this July, Boilerman are ready to take their place among the most popular young rock bands in the world today.
Split release with Hip Kid Records.


released July 23, 2010

Recorded 4/16 + 4/17 of 2010 at Summer Camp by Kris.
Ice Age/Hip Kid Records 2010
theiceageiscoming.net | hipkidrecords.com
400 on White Vinyl, 100 on Seafoam Green Vinyl.




ice age records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

smoke cops, kill weed

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