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Fuzzed Out Tone For The Painfully Alone

by The Valenteens

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So Thin 01:17
It's all the same in the right ways, at least I know it to be. I'll drop the blame if you call my name in a positive way. I know I'm nothing. I can't stop laughing. I'll wait for you to stay, you'll look for a new one. On that balcony you took all of the worst from me. If I sing your songs will you be my friend again? I'm miserable, I'm so alone. You're not my friend because I have none. All old friends flow from me like a sieve. Well, you've always been so thin to me.
Last seen on a bed of flowers. Your velvet roses. I checked out that winter. Your December always leaves. It always leaves a stain without you. I called your name across the yard: you never came. Where have you gone? Your bed lies empty. You haven't gone, I believe --
Later 01:25
You took a picture. I didn't want to be that cigarette you only smoke in summer. An isolation of a sentiment that I had since the time we met. Lately, I've been thinking, Why don’t we talk some more? Let’s talk some more. Lately, I'm just dreaming. Why don’t we talk some more? Let’s talk some more. Lately, I've been thinking, Why don’t we talk some more? Let’s talk some more. Lately, I'm just dreaming, 'cause we don't talk no more. We don't talk anymore. You say "It's all the same to me," so I'd rather leave.
Oh, Boy! 01:59
It's super fun to not care at all. No respect. I steal my studs from my parents' walls. No resale. Huff and drink and dance all night. No reason. I swear it's just a joke, all right? No offense meant. As long as my friends tell me I'm right, I won't listen. Hard reset. At least I know I'm all right.
Simply Fake 01:53
It's hard to see it hanging on and on. You broke your leg to feel like a new one. It's simply fake to believe at all. It's simply safe to and I don't wanna be. But she called you on the way home, "I don't even want you." And she found you on the way home, "I don't want to know you."
Kowabunga! 01:43
I'll grow my hair long, I'll forget your name. Which were you? This feels the same. But in the moment, I dissolve the blame and keep pushing in the pins again, and again, and again. I can't see your face. It's something to rely on. This doesn't deserve any grace if we're something to lie on. Peel back the surface to return the shame. Which one is this? Who's to blame? It's emergent. It's okay. It feels like everything I've wanted again. I can't see your place. It's something to rely on. I'll never deserve any grace. Three women, three flights. No one cares, goodnight.
I'll pretend you're mine, in the summertime.
You fall asleep almost every night. In your head, there's few reasons to stay alive. I know you can speak, so why don't you talk to me? You live in a painted world. We live in your painted world. Through the screen, it's easy to see how you can pretend it's just nothing at all. You can't be held responsible. I know you can see, so why don't you look at me? I know you can think, so why can't you just see?
Nothing Owed 02:05
You felt it off and on. You pretend to your parents you feel strong. You can lie if you want to. Did you lie when you...? Vacation never lasted; so long. His words like poison. You saw her at the other end of the room. Your plane leaves tomorrow. Can't wait around for something that will never come. You can cry if you want to, did you cry when you...? Spring cleaning never lasted; so long. "Oh, there's no problem." Seen it in your eyes. Your eyes, land mines. He grips the wheel, throws up, no big deal. He sold your gift at half-past noon. You make it so obvious.
Emma Lee 01:55
You said this might not last for long. If it's all in my head I guess I'd rather be long gone. I don't see Emma Lee. You said you might not stick around for long. I guess I could never convince anyone. I don't see Emma Lee.
Hideaway 02:00
You say you feel nothing, and "it's obvious". You say there's not something that you'd really miss. But if you try and feel like you're not losing at all, maybe give it a chance and give me a call and hideaway with me tonight. I'm just a lame-brain, and you're beautiful but maybe you'd want to be stupid, too.
Boysclub 02:06
I know what you did. Nobody really gave a shit. I see inside. There's no use in closing your eyes. You don't have to say anything, I just want to see you fall. You don't have to say anything at all. I'm not your friend. I won't even try to pretend. You've picked your side. There's no use in trying to hide. I know what you did. Fuck you.
Everything I've started to say has fallen in my chest. I'm obsolete. I never meant pull back the sheets and let me in. If I wasn't sure you'd hear, I'd say your name. I'm always laughing so you'll feel okay. Everything I've started to do has fallen right through you. Is this trying too hard? Can you see through me? I can see the things I'll never be. If I wasn't sure you're here, I'd say your name. I'm always laughing so I might feel okay. Small eyes you're something I want, but I know I can't mean anything. Sharp eyes you're something I want but I know this can't be anything. It's funny how you don't know how you don't look at me.


Pop songs played at 45 rpm, with the volume and ferocity pushed to the brink of destruction. Drums explode through thick walls of fuzz and distortion to make room for the hooks, while the melody-laden vocals help navigate through the forest of noise, leading you towards the light and onto the dance floor. Don't you wanna???


released May 16, 2015

this is ice age records number 29 & hip kid records number 17
theiceageiscoming.net / hipkidrecords.storenvy.com




ice age records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

smoke cops, kill weed

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