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Keep Well

by Cloud Mouth

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Walker 03:53
We brought it down and the pyre was lit, then we buried the axe and me along with it. I've never felt so far from where I've been and I'd burn down every forest if I knew my way back in. I'm no my way to nothing good; I'm on a raod to something bad. I've never been so far, and I'm too far gone. And when science can't save me and hope won't get you home, I'm on a road. Yeah, I'm on a trip. And when I get there...well...but I'm not one to mess with destiny, so when I come down I'll march into the sea because I've lived the lives of a thousand men if only in my mind. I've lived the lives of a thousand men and I wasted every one.
Scratches 04:09
Disconnect, and never know what's all around us. Then we undress because we know that we can touch but we can't get close to the finer things. Soft speak, a look, a touch that takes its time. And the discontent of a heart I'll never know that's mine. Blinded by the fear of being left behind. I'm bruised now and may be never coming down, but that'd be just fine. Something more I'd like to say but I never could get out, and now I trace it back to what I'm scared is coming next. Something more I'd like to say but I never could get out, and maybe I'll find myself waiting on the line. But that'd be just fine. So knock on wood and take more prisoners because last night lingers. I've got splinters in my fingers. So maybe it's my walls that aren't coming down, and I'm bruised now and never coming down. But that's just fine. Something more I'd like to say I left scratched in the table because I wasn't able to lift my voice up high.
Slow Eyes 03:22
My eyes won't kid you, my mind's made up: that if I can't break you then I will lift you up. Because your slow eyes and your thin wrists...your slow eyes are all around me (your hair is all that surrounds me). But this hate I can't shake. I've got its rhythm in my heart now. So I wait, oh how I wait because I need my life to start now. So I wait for the day when you will turn and answer, "Yeah I've got the rhythm, but I've never been a dancer." Unclench your fists, melt down that heart of gold. You won't be missed by all those things you've sold. Yeah, your slow eyes get you around, but maybe one day love will get you where you want to be.
Quiet 05:30
I've been quiet until now. I've kept restless and wasted. Your grip wrung out my clothes. I know you get this, but maybe I'm not sure. I've been quiet until now. I've got dirty deeds of shattered glass spidered at my feet. And I'm a liar and I'm tired of playing both sides, so I'll be stopping now. It's better than stopping by, but maybe with some time...I'm tired of playing both sides. I've been quiet until now.


ice age records number thirteen

The last four songs from the Chicago boogie kings. A touch more melody than they're known for, but all the noise and sick riff we've grown to tolerate. RIP.


released November 27, 2011

Ice Age Records // Kid Sister Everything // Adagio830 2011
theiceageiscoming.net // kidsistereverything.com // adagio830.de




ice age records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

smoke cops, kill weed

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