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That Ghost is Always With Me

by Cloud Mouth

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Waves 03:28
The waves take away our lives. Tongue-tied eyes that see all the things that we regret. Tattooed minds that harbor all the goals we haven't met. You've got me running. Felt the pain that we all know. Took a line and decided to drive home. Felt the feeling that is unknown. Her eyes are embedded deep in the cycle. Is that right? The waves she says give her comfort at night. Is that right? Marry me girl, and I'll be your Abel. With a love like a father's; a love like no other. Marry me girl, while I am able. Because I love you, girl, but so does my brother. And girl, I ain't loved you as long as I've been fucking wit the devil. She said, "You can't have this, if you don't want this." That road is hard, and that road is steep, and I might not love you tomorrow so my brother I'll keep.
Your love melts my eternal hate, but you still take me out into the cold. And when you have no ambitions to hold, you still take me out into the cold (when that car drug you down the road). (Relax your face) You're too young for frown lines. (And shut your mouth) The bridge is broken from the sides. (And sleep) To forget what you saw. You can't hide it, it's smearing line by line. But wait, you're alive. And wait, you're loved. Take me out into the cold and leave your bones in the air and the ground will dry up but we still don't know where the blood came from. And you're sliced skin, but there's blood on my hands. And you're holey walls, but where did the ones in your heart come from? The decisions we made then are the beds that we laid in. But wait, you must sleep with only one eye shut and crossed fingers behind your back. Wait, man. Just wait, man. You can't sleep with only one eye shut and fingers crossed behind your back.
Shark Week 05:41
Be still, don't shake. Slow your heart down. Don't move, she can't see you with her shark eyes and blood scent. And when the whites roll back, I'm dead in the waters of a deep sea. Under a dark sky. So when it gets heavy, you can drag me to the bottom like lead feet and stone heart of a man who couldn't save his daughter. And I traded the sweetest thing for some meat and blood in my mouth. And I traded my bone to pick for the touch of a skeleton. Take a picture, hold it close. You can't change it. Take that picture and hold it close, because you won't remember this. Last call for everything, and hats off to all we weren't. Your days never start and your nights never end. You can pay attention but you don't know shit.
Death is a dead institution but I'm married to the grave everyday. And I'm not a slave to the trend of tradition: when I'm dead I can't take them with me anyways. You told me life ain't cheap, and that ghost is always with me, and I can't tell what's real and what is for sale. But I'll take those words yous peak and I'll drown them in the sea. Yeah I'm turning all the lights on...and now I finally see that the wolves aren't dressed like sheep. They're all leather jackets and neon dollar signs. With words that slip between and perish on razor teeth, they can't wait to show you. Just how easily you can walk that line and live the life you dreamed, but never could speak of. But the only difference is that dream's gonna kill me. Walk that line and live the life you dreamed of.
Hell is Real 04:33
A locked room and a cell. Let me out and give me hell. Yeah, you told me about a lot of things but you can't tell me this ain't real. The hear the ground tremble and say that "Everyone dies someday." The pain of a broken callous because of where he passes. I've got a lot to learn so let me know when it's my turn. But we're down and out at the sides of his grave. If you'd sleep more, you'd eat less. You could sleep all day, but who would feed your enemies? So stop talking about the flowers you see. Because I'm here taking comfort in the silence. There's a guest in my attic. There's a ghost in my bed telling me to get up now. Because hell is real. The specters are shrieking. And you know what they said? "I never wanted to die here," because I know hell is real. You internalize what you see outside. When we're down and out at the sides of his grave.
Down in It 04:45
Reach for the stars and we'll pull out your stitches we'll kidnap your dreams and leave them for dead in the ditches. And we can't see because we're down in it. We were the doubt in your gut when your mother had cancer. You knew that she loved you but you never could ask her...so we'll spit on your birthday, and we'll piss on your grave while crossing our fingers and breaking every promise we've made. But we won't break. So sing, sing. You can't pray for tomorrow. We'll cut off your hands anyways. We were the doubt.


ice age records number nine

Remember "In Utero" by Nirvana?

Feel free to download this album for free, but I encourage you to download the album from iTunes or another digital distributor as part of the proceeds will be given to the Chicago Hopes charity - an initiative within Chicago Public Schools which empowers students to succeed academically despite the challenges of homelessness.


released November 27, 2010

Ice Age // Count Your Lucky Stars Records 2010
theiceageiscoming.net // cylsrecords.com




ice age records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

smoke cops, kill weed

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