The Echo & The Light

by Castevet

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ice age records number eight

Castevet's follow-up to their June full-length, Summer Fences (Count Your Lucky Stars). Six songs of delicately crafted 90's-inspired emo jams for fans of Small Brown Bike & the like. The tape version (x/60) designed by Stefan Coisson was pressed for their winter tour with Grown Ups, along with a special CD designed & printed by Kid Sister Everything.


released December 26, 2009




ice age records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

smoke cops, kill weed

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Track Name: Narrow Hallways
Alone with all the things that I've done. Living and thinking in minutes. My small days spill into light years. Now I can pretend to live a life of starting over. Forget what I used to be. There are dead stars whose light is trapped forever in time. How can I stand inside the light?
Track Name: Hiccups
It's not clear what's outside to draw you and others there. A search for what you don't have, maybe you weren't meant to find it. Close the door, lock the gate, we've got everything we need. A pattern of leaving and moving, you're still empty handed. What we have is a generator, all you've found is a magnet. Make something yourself.
Track Name: Lautrec
I can't breathe this stale air, the walls are closing in. The lamp is burned out, I haven't slept in weeks. Dressers decorate the walls, I hope they hold. Doors are off their hinges, I haven't been back since. The light peeks through the cracks, 53 days in this house. Enclosing footsteps, destroying the doors, the sound is deafening. They're coming, and they keep coming in waves.
Track Name: Midwest Values
A front room with wooden floors, lights are flashing. An office with wooden doors, walls are crumbling. A basement with wooden stairs, they're breaking. This old house is creaking so I'll stay outside. Drag me in, it's too cold to stay out here. Friends we remember, times we never forget.
Track Name: Bike Notes
Chicago steals the stars in the sky, at least it's willing to share. Thanks for keeping me in mind, but I think I'll stay in tonight. No more bike rides late at night, no more walks home under the streetlight. But those lights wake you up when the trains put you to sleep.
Track Name: Cities & Memory
You advance with your head turned back, what you see is behind you. Do your journeys take place only in the past? Because the past changes according to the route you follow. Each new city, you'll find again a past you did not know you had. In foreign, unpossessed places.

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