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The Spirit Of The Beehive

by the spirit of the beehive

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Roll Over 04:39
Cycles in and out of morphine hazes. Finding spaces in between your floorboards, and I watch the dust move. You'll roll me over, I'll roll my eyes back. and I never slept worse than in your bedroom. Get up and answer. I roll over. I roll over and drown. All lost in the black market. To wait in the fix aisle, I roll over. I roll over. Time was wasted; more time than I have to show tracks I created when I rolled over. When I rolled over and drowned. All lost in the bedroom. Always waiting. When you roll over, I find the old shirt you loved from 2009. The old skin I've known is paper thin at home (to the bone).
Short Walk 02:46
Short walk to the liquor store. Short walk to my shitty job. Spun room spins me back to bed. But old times, I'm coming back for more. All too familiar. The street signs descend in tens. All too familiar. I'm too broke for this hotel, man. I want to split. I want amphetamine. All too familiar. The street signs descend in tens. All too familiar. Stuck in Oakland, stick my head in water. It's too plain, it's too simple. I don't even bother.
Don't 03:04
I know you too well. My brother, my spell. Another false idol. Another false idol, don't make another move. Don't make another move. You live in a shadow, keep your head on a pillow. I'll keep my eyes closed. You're my only, don't speak easy. You can never leave me. A box to put me in. My one lonely friend who is as hateful as me; who knows everything. I can see into your head. I will burn you in your bed. Don't make another move. I wanna die next to you.
Tulsa, OK 02:44
Tulsa, Oklahoma is a nice place to live. Loaded on the eve of destruction, all alone. Orders come through like only manuscripts to read alone at night. Jerome's party was a great success, but no one wanted to see you cry. [Swim back home for the cause - sic] Tweens on the sofa inching closer: in the dark you are all alike. Over on the mountain side you will be called up. Show her all the things you learned when you were left to die two hundred years ago. Over an ending road. Swim back home for the cause.
Ether 02:32
I went through a wall. My skin was colored like the asphalt. I have thought some evil thoughts, I turned the volume off. I stepped out into the ether. At the handrail, I reach in my pocket for two dollars for re-entry. Have a runner come send for me. When I live inside the ether, I'm a master; my own country. So i do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it. Chewing out the glass in my palm. You will lay still while I am gone. I am breathing now, just for one. A voice that pierced through the low drone: Oh, I want to take your hand and marry; make you dance with fear. Now I want to live inside the ether for old times. I walk backwards all my life, and stumble sideways all the way home.
Will you rent this body? Every entrance made will exhaust completely, but that's what you do to me. You're so sweet, you're all I need for weeks. It's okay, you can spit in my face. I like the taste. It's okay, I'm only into you when you're into me. White weekend. [That's the stuff right there. That's it.] Loosey's on the porch from the corner store. Loosey's on the porch. Wish you brought more. A scene that beckons color where I can be discovered. Eliana, I can try. I don't need you, friend, the cabin calls. I don't see you. I know what you are: a fixer.
I Smell Bud 03:20
I smell bud in the hallway. I can't be myself when you are away. It's okay, we'll do it your way. If I can sleep here I can sleep anywhere. New york slums have pulled me into the flux. The kids that smoke me up, they're all actors for a buck; they don't give a fuck. And I'm rushing down the staircase to the lobby of the George Washington Hotel. This is my hell, East Third Avenue, what's it to you? I burned those papers you needed. You know better than me. (I wish that I was skinny, then I wouldn't need to be cool and maybe you would need me more than I need you.) I slipped on the black ice. Your black eyes, your sharp teeth. You sank deep. (I wish that I was sickly skinny.) [At this point in the record, the hex requests to rewind the tape back. The tape is rewound but, alas, there is none. Thus, following as such:] You know I can't meet you. You're not real here. I see things no one sees. I pictured draining the blood from your heart. [Logan is allowed into the room and the gates of hell are now finally open.]
Deep Focus 03:35
I can't see why I can't get some help. But the summery nights, sometimes, they do me well.
[that's when I said to him, I don't think we're gonna be able to hang out this weekend because I have plans.] Spent a weekend at your mother's house in the car, not inside. You want help, do not lie. When the winter turns my daydreams brown I will not want to live. You want more than I can give you, so turn the heat up just a little bit. This is a cutthroat keystone season. The car won't start, we'll sleep in the same spot. So when I see you in another life we can be closer than ever. Hand in hand. A shoddy truce. Say not the details, only the truth. Don't let the lights move under us. I will adjust for months in vain. No sense in leaving this undone. Let's go; let's have some fun. [Find god, it's okay. My god is so gay.]
Chump 04:05
Every day you sink like a chump. You are a new age waster, don't forget my name. Shaking hands in the parking lot of CVS was all you've got. When I walk you home, you spill your guts. Reminisce on bone dry experiences. Got no lease on life. It takes a sucker to punch, but you're a chump. So where do you fit in to?
Fever Dream 06:23
I am special. I'm a special guy. Tiny feelings, tiny impulses. Kind of worthless how the time does fly when every hour I've watched you sit and cry. I was placing orders like a weekend warrior. I was worried when you wouldn't pick up the phone. Sitting up in bed spitting all over myself, no tone in my head. My head. I've committed many heinous acts. I have pondered what it would be like to have murdered all my closest friends. I deserve you. You deserve the truth. Girls, they are so fragile; they don't know what I mean. They don't know what it's like when I shoot up my feelings. Life will take you over, so I push it aside. I don't want to live, I don't want to die. I can sit inside and ponder what it was like when I was seventeen and I didn't need this, but I was never fragile; I was never aware of the tone in my head. My head. So when you're sleeping in the summer heat, I hope you're dreaming and you dream of me, and all you're dreaming becomes a fever scene until you're screaming to get out that dream.


ice age records number twenty three


released September 21, 2014

recorded at the headroom in fishtown (but mostly in evan's bedroom)
tape processing b/w digital fuckery
engineered by evan bernard (veggie pyle) and chris baglivo (dark bog)
produced by VP, DB, R and R with THE HEX as Head Master
mastered by the original andy clarke

Ice Age 23 / Ranch Records 29
theiceageiscoming.net / ranchjams.bandcamp.com




ice age records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

smoke cops, kill weed

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